David Weekly Homes Bringin’ the Blah to Winter Park

David Weekly Homes (Website) is building a bunch of meh homes in Winter Park at 441 N. Capen Avenue (MAP). The builder’s non-specific style and hodgepodge of surfaces and window sizes should be no surprise: they’re responsible for this 10-unit thing in Orlando. The Winter Park development is called The Gardens at Park West. The video below says otherwise. Situated near downtown Winter Park, this gated community features “modern Craftsman-style homes.” Rather than gated, these homes should be locked up and thrown into the river. Winter Park deserves more than this white space of a neighborhood. Prices range from  $629,000 to $849,000.

Adobe Premiere Level 3

When: Friday, August 05, 2016 – 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Where: Melrose Center at Blue Room

Add excitement and life to your movie. Use effects to transform a single angle video into a visually engaging multi-angle piece. Techniques include using position keyframes for digital camera moves, Green Screen Keying using Ultra Key, and additional effects to create a dynamic video presentation.

#tic #adobe #videotic

Wellie Wishers New American Girl Dolls Review

American Girl recently launched a brand-new line of dolls, the Wellie Wishers and my American Girl-loving daughters were thrilled to receive a couple of dolls and books to review.  American Girl Wellie Wishers There are five Wellie Wishers dolls from American Girl, and each is completely adorable. Named for the colorful wellies the girls wear, these friends spend […]

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Why We Need To Support All Girls Like #MoxieGirl and #AgentofSTEAM

Why We Need To Support All Girls Like #MoxieGirl and #AgentofSTEAM

by William Jackson, M.Ed.

Edward Waters College

@wmjackson – Parent, Educator, Blogger, Speaker

Moxie Girl and The Astronaut

Moxie Girl and Agent of STEAM

“Black girls need to know that they matter.

They need to see examples of success, leadership,

achievement, sisterhood, compassion,

humanitarianism, in abundance so that they

can gain confidence in their ability to become

their best and greatest selves.”

Black Girls Rock Inc.

Founder Beverly Bond

The upcoming gathering of girls and women in the

United State of Women


to be held in Washington D.C. on

Monday, June 13th 2016 shows that girls and

women can accomplish great things

in their communities, their cities, in their

schools, churches and across this nation.

The growing presence of girls and women

in STEM / STEAM related careers is expanding

girls and women opportunities to influence

the greater good of their professions and opening

doors for other girls and women to enter into

nontraditional careers.

Taylor and science

Taylor Richardson

JIW, Girl Scout, STEAM Agent

Community Activist, Future Astronaut

That perceivable “Glass Ceiling” has shattered

in millions of shards representing the

challenges that girls and women have

faced and continue to overcome.

This event will highlight the accomplishments,

challenges, excellence, intellect and intelligence

of girls and women.

Lead by First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey,

Black  Girls Rock Inc. Founder Beverly Bond

and others accomplished women in their professions

ranging from education, technology, medicine,

science, politics, religion and the diverse careers

and entrepreneurial endeavors that girls and women

are involved in. Expanding their intellectual diversity

to show girls and women it is cool to be creative,

intellectual and an innovator in their


natalie 2

Natalie McGriff, Author, Speaker, Writer

Community Activist

As a parent and educator I hope this encourages

all girls of color and culture in Jacksonville,

Florida to excel academically and athletically.

Embracing their Nerdiness, Blerdiness, Geekiness,

and STEAMiness (Science Technology Engineering

Arts Mathematics  (Medicine).

Parents have a continued responsibility to encourage

their children to be engaged in learning every day.

Parents that have a struggling child in reading, math,

language arts and other academic areas will be held

accountable if their child is not successful in school,

their children are potentially being setup for under

employment, unemployment, and being left behind

economically and socially if they are unwilling to

work with educators to see that their children put

forth the effort to succeed and understand

the value of education.

This past school year should be an indication to

parents that if their daughter is not where they

are supposed to be academically and socially there

should be interventions during the summer to

prepare for the next school year. There are great

role models in  athletics and entertainment, but

there should be increased recognition

of the academic achievements and community

volunteering by our girls and women of color

and culture.

This blog shares the continued successes of Natalie McGriff and Taylor Richardson and their

mothers who have been invited to Washington, D.C. for their academic and community


To participate in this wonderful gathering of girls and women that are accomplishing great things in

their communities, their schools, in their churches and across this great nation.

“United State of Women”  http://www.theunitedstateofwomen.org/

14 reasons why we need to support all girls like

#MoxieGirl and #AgentofSTEAM

  1. They are positive role models for girls and young women

    in their communities, in their city, in their state and nationally.

  2. Mainstream media does not always depict girls and women

    of color and culture in a positive light as they should. They

    are too often shown in poverty and uneducated.

  3. They give back to their community in examples of improving

    literacy, importance of reading, the value of comprehension

    and career choices in STEAM, STEM, STREAM, CSTEM

    STEM2 for girls and young women of color and culture.

  4. They are students in public education and are successful

    academically and in social behaviors.

  5. They experience the same challenges girls of color and

    culture experience every day related to hair, skin tones,

    language, economics and academics, they can relate to

    their sisters of color and culture in their struggles.

  6. They have mothers that are very supportive and sacrifice

    daily for their children’s success.

  7. They still experience “haters,” those that are jealous, and

    lost in low self-esteem, but still strive forward for success

    and providing positive self-esteem and cultural respect

    and value.


  8. They work to balance their academic lives by keeping

    school first.

  9. They continue to be humble in their accomplishments.
  10. Their participation in the media is a positive representation

    not only of being girls of color, but girls of intelligence and

  11. Their successes can be shared with boys of color and

    culture too inspire them as well.

  12. Their mothers keep life “real” about who they are and how

    the world may see them as well.

  13. They understand the importance of “sisterhood” and how

    girls of color and culture are sometimes targets of criticism,

    low expectations and culturally challenged.

    14. Their mothers show other mothers they should understand

    the commitment needed to help their children grow beyond

    their current levels of knowledge, ability and skill level.

The community should encourage all girls and boys of color

and culture to embrace their talents, skills and abilities.

Parents of color and culture need to reinforce that they have

a responsibility to lift each other up and not to hate on, gossip,

disrespect, negatively talk about those that are opening doors

that other girls and boys of color and culture can walk through.

Support Natalie and Taylor as they travel to

“The United State of Women” in Washington, D.C.

Monday, June 13th



Michelle Obama announces United State of Women


The United State of Women


Status of Women


The United State of Women


The United State of Women


Latonya S Richardson


Taylor Richardson meets Mae Jemison


Angie Nixon


The Adventures of Moxie Girl


The Adventures of Moxie Girl


Natalie McGriff


8 Year Old Author Invited to Whitehouse



Do you live in your dream neighborhood?

You might be one of the lucky home owners who live in their dream home, but do you also live in your dream neighborhood? What’s your (life)style? Are you urban, suburban or rural? And that’s just the beginning…

Browsing though the Internet I came across a real estate web site that offers a so called “lifestyle home search” tool. Of course, I immediately wanted to test it for the Orlando area and entered my ideal neighborhood/lifestyle criteria. Well, guess what, according to this state of the art real estate search tool, there is no area in the entire Orlando area that matches my desired lifestyle. Even after entirely taking out price and home size, I kept seeing “Your search returned 0 matches”. Could it be that Orlando just doesn’t offer my ideal neighborhood?

Active LifestyleAbsolutely not! I believe Orlando has something for almost everyone! Real Estate is still, at its core, a people business! While a lifestyle neighborhood selector is a great tool to play with if you are completely new to an area, at some point most buyers will turn to the true real estate matchmakers: a trusted real estate professional who knows the neighborhood and its (secret) insider tips. Just as Zillow’s Zestimates are sometimes astonishingly accurate, they are also sometimes completely off. Simply put, a computer can’t replace the experience and specialized knowledge of a trained human being. That’s when we come in to answer all of your questions and guide you. Of course, everyone’s ideal neighborhood is different, just like everyone’s dream home is different. But in an attempt to narrow it down to the different types of neighborhoods and lifestyles the Orlando area has to offer, here is our basic and very general list and a few examples. For an individual lifestyle match you will have to contact us or the Realtor of your choice directly!

Dissecting Orlando – Realtor style: Orlando’s Neighborhoods by Lifestyle


One of the many things that make Orlando such a popular tourist destination is the amount of gorgeous golf courses – so why not live on one? If you don’t mind the occasional golf ball in your pool, a home located on a golf course might be just the right fit for you. Of course, there are other perks (but also disadvantages) that come with it. In general it is however safe to say that homes in golf communities are always in high demand. The Orlando area offers a good amount of (prestigious) golf and country clubs surrounded by sometimes astonishingly affordable housing.

Guard gated GOLF communities

  • Heathrow, Lake Mary
  • Magnolia Plantation, Lake Mary
  • Alaqua Lakes, Longwood
  • Lake Nona, Orlando
  • Stoneybrook, Orlando
  • Orange Tree, Dr. Phillips


Non gated GOLF communities

  • Timacuan, Lake Mary
  • Mayfair, Sanford



Traditional Mediterranean villa with courtyard and fountain

Of course, Orlando also offers plenty of luxury home neighborhoods. Home prices here start in the million dollar range and offer all kinds of upgrades one could imagine, including private bowling alleys, thennis courts and pools with lazy rivers. Some of the areas with a higher density of luxury homes include neighborhoods in Windermere, Winter Park and Longwood (Markham Woods area, affectionately dubbed “Millionaire’s row”).

  • Isleworth, Orlando
  • Keene’s Pointe, Orlando



Active/Resort style neighborhoods offer lots of amenities to their residents and as the name suggests these amenities fit right into their active lifestyle. Hang out by the community pool and go for a swim, play a round of tennis and then ride your bicycle to the playground with the kids. These communities also offer a club house and often almost daily social activities.

community pool

  • Independence, Winter Garden
  • Victoria Park, Deland
  • Stoneybrook West, Winter Garden
  • Summerport, Windermere
  • Vista Lakes, Orlando
  • Live Oak, Oviedo
  • Fountain Parke, Lake Mary (town homes)
  • Visconti, Maitland (condos)



When it comes to waterfront living, there is no way to generalize a certain neighborhood for its waterfront lifestyle options. Waterfront homes are very individual and one has to visit a lot of homes before finding the one that fits your needs. Of course, a pretty view is easier to find, but what about all these other options: ski lake, fishing, boating, private beaches, river access etc. This is certainly where is comes in handy to have a Realtor with marvelous matchmaking abilities on your side. Orlando offers plenty of beautiful lakes that can fulfill most waterfront enthusiasts’ dreams.

  • Lake Sylvan Lakes, Sanford
  • Johns Landing, Oakland/Clermont
  • Deer Island, Winter Garden



This is a lifestyle factor that is unique to Orlando. Millions of tourists visit our city every year to be close to the theme parks for a week, now imagine living within a short drive of these parks year round? There are plenty of families with young kids or “big kids” that frequent the parks on a weekly basis. They have made this part of their lifestyle and don’t mind that they are sharing it with thousands of tourists every day, even if that means living in a neighborhood that allows short term rentals.

  • Celebration, FL
  • Indian Creek, Kissimmee
  • Emerald Island Resort, Kissimmee


ferris wheel



Downtown Orlando is of course the first place that comes to mind when thinking of the most urban neighborhood in Central Florida, but there are a few other downtowns in the greater Orlando area that offer a very similar lifestyle. Yes, classic skyscrapers and bank buildings along with pretty decent public transportation can obviously be found here, but if you are looking for something more cozy, casual or even old time charme, you have to branch out to Downtown Sanford or Downtown Winter Garden. Then there’s also Downtown Winter Park which offers a bit of both. The urban lifestyle is becoming more popular all the time, especially since a few areas close to Downtown Orlando now offer bike share programs. Walking to your favorite coffee shop every morning or riding your bike to the nearest grocery store have become desirable items on many home buyers’ wishlists, not just millennial buyers. However, the urban lifestyle comes with a higher price tag and usually space is limited and sacrifices have to be made to accommodate all your belongings in a smaller space.


  • Downtown Orlando (Eola Heights, North Quarter District, Thornton Park, South Eola District, Lake Cherokee Historic District, Parramore, Central Business District)
  • Downtown Winter Park
  • Downtown Sanford (see historic homes)


Urban Pioneer

Urban Pioneer neighborhoods are a great alternative to urban neighborhoods. They are usually located just outside downtown. You might find older homes or even more fixer uppers here but it is always definitely worth looking in these neighborhoods since you will most likely get more house (and space) for your money. Sanford Heights is a great example of an urban pioneer neighborhood. It offers still the same style of homes as the Sanford historic district but also includes different homes like mid century (and who doesn’t love those these days?) while still being in walkable and definitely bikeable distance to the vibrant downtown core. Another benefit is that these homes are all still located in the golf cart zone (yes! Sanford has a pretty huge golf cart zone) and the fact that homes in this district don’t have to adhere to the rather strict guidelines of the historic district. That’s what we call a great alternative!

  • Ivanhoe Village
  • College Park
  • SoDo
  • Audubon Park
  • Parramore
  • Sanford Heights


New Urban

Avalon Park aerial view

Who doesn’t have an opinion about new urban neighborhoods? Wisteria Lane comes to mind almost immediately. But as much as many dislike these too perfect neighborhoods with their “fake” downtowns, many of us are also drawn to this perfectness and convenience. It’s a little town that did not grow organically yet many hope that the community will…

  • Baldwin Park
  • Avalon Park
  • Celebration



Just a step “down” from new urban neighborhoods are the classic suburban neighborhoods. These neighborhoods sometimes offer bike trails and walkways within but are cut off from the outside meaning you will need a car to get “away” from it. Gated subdivisions are very common in the greater Orlando area. People definitely perceive a sense of security here, however that is often criticized by opponents of gated subdivisions. For someone looking for the highest possible sense of security we highly recommend guard gated subdivisions where only residents and their visitors can enter through the gates of the neighborhood. The larger, master planned neighborhoods like Lake Forest or Live Oak also offer a great sense of community with frequent social activities for its residents making it a bit easier to get to know your neighbors if you are interested.

Guard Gated, master planned

  • Lake Forest, Sanford
  • Heathrow, Lake Mary
  • Buckingham Estates, Sanford


Buckingham Estates Sanford FL

Guard gated Buckingham Estates in Sanford


  • Preserve at Astor Farms, Sanford
  • Waterford Chase, Orlando
  • Wekiva Glen, Apopka


Gated Preserve at Astor Farms in Sanford

Gated Preserve at Astor Farms in Sanford

Not gated, master planned

  • Live Oak, Oviedo


City Or CountrysideRURAL

It is a rare find but the Orlando area still offers rural subdivision settings in close proximity to all the hustle and bustle. You can find 5 acre lots (bring your own horse!) and only be 5 minutes to the Interstate, restaurants and mall. You will also find acreages further outside of the city where the closest [insert favorite grocery store 😉 ] might be about 15 to 20 minutes away.

  • Seminole Estates (exception! truly countryside in the city)
  • Seminole Woods, Geneva (gated equestrian neighborhood)
  • Acreages in Eustis, FL | Tavares, FL | Sorrento, FL



If you’re a sucker for Victorian homes and the history these homes come with, you will love the various historic districts the greater Orlando area has to offer. It goes without saying that historic charmers need a lot more love and care than a more recent construction, but the benefit is a truly unique home while also often being rewarded with the perks of urban living.

  • Sanford Historic District
  • Deland Historic District
  • Thornton Park, Orlando
  • Winter Garden Historic District


Historic Downtown Sanford

Historic Downtown Sanford


The beautiful climate and general Florida lifestyle are very attractive, only attractive to the younger crowd. Thousands of retirees choose Orlando as their residence. The Villages in Lake County is a a planned retirement neighborhood that comes to mind almost immediately when talking about retirement homes in Central Florida but there are a few others available to choose from.

  • Victoria Park, Deland
  • The Villages, The Villages
  • Summer Greens, Clermont



Orlando is home to the 2nd largest university in the nation, UCF. Of course, these students have to live somewhere, preferably close to campus. Areas around universities tend to be a tad more vibrant and youthful. You will also find great happy hours and other specials at local establishments.

  • UCF & Valencia College Area
  • Deland around Stetson University
  • Winter Park around Rollins College



The percentage of vacation homes in Central Florida is certainly much higher than in most other parts of the country. Especially the South of Orlando offers entire vacation home subdivisions where homes can be rented to tourists for short terms. Many of these objects tend to be great investments. It might not happen often, but there is always someone who enjoys living in such a high turn over neighborhood where you’ll never end up really knowing who your neighbor might be tomorrow.

  • Windsor Hills Resort, Kissimmee
  • Emerald Island Resort, Kissimmee


As mentioned above though, there are so many facets to determining just the perfect lifestyle for you. We could get even more into detail and ask, what if you are an avid biker and are looking for a neighborhood with direct access to one of Orlando’s bike trails? What if you do not want to use your car to get to work and would like to take advantage of Orlando’s commuter rail? Every city is as individual as its residents so there is truly no way of knowing where you will fit in best in the end. But knowing your lifestyle preferences will give you an edge when it comes to buying your next home.

about-us-TREAs you can see Orlando has way too many options and possible combinations for the ideal neighborhood, so a search engine that could find you the home of your dreams based on ALL the items on your wish list has yet to be invented. The house might be out there but finding it will require a savvy Realtor who can guide you and make you aware of all the options and alternatives out there, especially when you are fairly new to the area. Keep in mind though that sometimes, in order to find the perfect home you have to make compromises and not be stuck on one item on your wish list.

We will continue “dissecting” these neighborhoods even further in future posts so stay tuned, there’s so much to explore when it comes to real estate in Orlando! What is your favorite neighborhood and how does it fit your lifestyle? Did we forget something on the list that you would like us to add? We are always open for suggestions and even after over 10 years in the real estate business, we always enjoy learning new things about the City Beautiful…

Last chance to get tickets to Billy Gibbons & The BFG’s

Have you ever wanted to see one of your favorite bands, and very time they come to town you’re working or too broke to get a ticket? That’s the case for me with one of my favorite bands ZZ TOP. Recently I saw ads that one half of the band Billy Gibbons and his band The BFG’s were coming to the Orlando Plaza Live which is an intimate venue where you can see artists up close I was excited to hear about him coming to Orlando, but didn’t follow up because I was supposed to be ‘out of town’. Well… the date came closer and and my plans changed, so I thought I see if any tickets were left.

As luck would have it the Plaza’s Facebook page had just posted a contest to win tickets to see Gibbons tomorrow night. I rushed to my computer and entered the contest via all my email address’s ( is that cheating?) and anxiously awaited a response. When it came I got a sad letter saying that I didn’t win, but would be offered a promotional rate as a ‘thank you’ for entering the contest.

I’m all about a promo rates so I quickly grabbed my credit card to nab a ticket before they sold out. Unfortunately I had trouble navigating with the pro code and finally in frustration emailed the Plaza representative, Shortly afterwords Kirk the Plaza rep wrote me back. He was amazing he sent me step by step instructions, and when I still couldn’t get it to work he offered to call me and help me personally. That is what I call customer service! He walked me through each step and now I can say “I’m going to see Billy Gibbons and the BFG’s!” .

You may still be able to buy a ticket if you hurry to their website at Plaza Live. Tomorrow’s show also features The Shakedown. Orlando this is your chance to see Gibbons up close and personal!

Billy Gibbons and The BFG’sScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.48.53 PM

With Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

Sunday, Jan 24, 2016

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm This event is 13 and over

$49.50 – $69.50