Drunken Problem Solving

Because thinking of things to talk about while drinking is a chore, here comes Drunken Problem Solving to save your night. Based on the model innovated by Future Problem Solving, the international school competition, DPS challenges teams to put their thinking caps on, but, you know, while drinking.

The rules are simple: The host delivers a news story about a major change in the future. It could be about a mission to another planet. Or it could be about the first sex robot to be arrested for assault. Or it could be about scientists making the world’s first working hypno-coin. Whatever it is, each team then has 20 minutes to come up with 10 possible problems.

(Examples: How could we make sure the space colonists don’t start firing weapons back at Earth? How will we stop robots from digging out of prison? What will become of all the unemployed hypnotists when everyone can make their neighbor think they’re a chicken?)

In round one, the problems are turned into the host and judges, who determine a winner (based on a rubric, though one can score points for the funniest answer). After that, every team must try to come up with a solution to the winning problem.

Totally lost? Doesn’t matter. The point is to drink, have a good time, drink, laugh, drink, and do something more creative than name all the Brady kids!

  • What: Drunken Problem Solving
  • Where: Graffiti Junktion – Thornton Park, 900 E. Washington St.Orlando
  • When: Every 2nd Tuesday, beginning April 24, 8 p.m.
  • Cost: Free (minus maybe some dignity)
  • Why: Because nothing you were going to do that night was as important as figuring out how to stop rampaging sex robots.