Global Pet Expo & Florida Little Dog Rescue= Homes for Puppies!

I am a pet girl, I am ready to be pet dazzled!

By Denna Beena
Contributing Writer

Today was the opening of Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s largest annual trade show featuring the newest, most innovative pet products on the market today. While walking around the massive show, I noticed the sweetest puppies! I had to stop. Every time.

Every. Time.

Scattered all over the show floor are sweet puppy faces looking for homes. Florida Little Dog Rescue has stations set up with other pet industry vendors. Together they are all working to find homes for rescued dogs. It was so nice to see the mega huge Global Pet Expo helping a local pet rescue!

Look at these faces!

Be sure to check out Florida Little Dog Rescue and adopt first!

I’ll be posting fun new products from Global Pet Expo, so keep an eye out! You know there will be more photos of cute puppies and other animals too!

Meet Nellie, she will still your heart!

Check out this video that tells all about Global Pet Expo!


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