Commissioner Would Like the City to Buy Constitution Green

Yesterday we told you Commissioner Patty Sheehan met with a St Petersburg developer called Mill Creek who wants to purchase Constitution Park from the owners, the Caruso family, and develop it, leveling both the park and the 125 year old tree that grows in it.

In an interview with Channel 13 later that same day, Commissioner Sheehan said she would like to negotiate with the current owners of Constitution Park and try to have the city purchase the park. Sheehan told the Orlando Sentinel cost to the city to purchase the land would be a “substantial chunk.”

Meanwhile, the city released a statement saying the “the owners (of the land on which the tree lives) have not filed any applications for development, applications for any tree removal or any formal notification to terminate the lease.”

There’s a Saturday rally scheduled and a petition, both in an effort to save the park and the tree. While the fate of the tree and the park ultimately lie with the owners of the land, perhaps, much like 28 years ago, the Caruso family will give the park more time.


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