What I learned from “The Wizard of Oz”


The Wizard of Oz appears near the top of every list of greatest movies of all time, including one I would make. It is a great movie and one that I have memories of when I was a child. Back in the days before DVRs, DVDs, or even VCRs there was no such thing as “popping in a movie” at home. “On demand” meant doing what you were told when your parents told you to do it. The Wizard of Oz came on once a year and they would have commercials promoting it for two weeks leading up to that night. I will never forget the excitement of popping Jiffy Pop popcorn and sitting on the floor and seeing that graphic that came on letting you know that a Special Presentation was about to start. These days you can watch virtually any movie whenever you get the urge. You can even watch it on your phone while sitting in your car. The showing of The Wizard of Oz on TV may not be the “event” it used to be, I realized that I learned 5 lessons that have stayed with me decades after I first saw that classic film.

1) There are mean people in this world.

We hope that life will be fair and people will be nice as long as we do not give them reason to be any different.  Being mean to us for no reason is one of the hardest things in life to accept. It throws off our sense of balance in the world. Not that we ever want someone to be mean to us, but if there is a reason that we understand, then we can at least wrap our heads around why it is happening.


2) There’s no place like home.

Ok…you know I had to choose this one. It’s true though. How many times do we think that the grass will be greener on the other side? We go away to school, move for a job, or simply leave to find ourselves or make a new start. Sure some of us end up putting down roots and staying, but so many times our heart is still tied to our home and we return for the safety and familiarity of family and friends.


3) We all have “holes” in our lives.

Maybe we aren’t missing a heart or a brain (well….maybe some of us) but we all have areas in our lives that are deficient. Like the group in the movie, we fill those gaps with the people that we allow in our lives. We surround ourselves with people who complete us and make us better people. Some people give us courage, strengthen our faith, make us happy, and so on.


4) “Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking…”

How could this not be one of the truest statements of all time? In fact, it has been my experience that often when someone is doing a lot of talking, it is to cover up the fact that they don’t know how to respond. Silence is tough at times, true…but sometimes the smartest move we can make is to not say too much. Besides, it gives up the opportunity to listen to each other more.


5) We have the power.

Too often in our lives we look to others to help us. There is nothing wrong with needing help or asking for help, but sometimes we end up relying on someone hiding behind a curtain claiming to be more than they truly are. The wizard pointed out to Dorothy that she had the power all along. Isn’t that the truth? Too often we are so convinced that we can’t do something that we don’t even try. What do you need to take charge of today? Make it happen!



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