Episode 11 – Update on Elio and the right to be forgotten online



Here we are folks! We are already at Episode 11 and with one more to go before the Season Finale! In this episode we discuss Elio motors and why they are taking extra long to come to market with their insanely low cost vehicle. We also highlight one of my latest articles on HypeOrlando regarding the right to be excluded from search engine results if you choose so. In all TUTS has been an awesome experience for me. Some of the highlight for me include almost having Kelly LeBrock from the movie Weird Science on the premiere episode of the podcast. When we were set to record the interview I had equipment failure and that was embarrassing but her folks were really cool about it. I was able to get some cool interviews from founders of some of the most awesome Orlando tech initiatives and companies. I was able to meet the Mayor and even scored a selfie. I really love doing this and I am glad you guys came along for the ride even while I figure this whole blog thing out lol. Thanks for your patience!

I try to make every podcast episode very unique and if you listen to the episodes you may notice I throw in an Easter egg or two to make it fun and interesting. Pay attention haha!

One more episode left in the podcast series before the season ends. To date the blog has been read in over 50 countries around the world and I thank you for tuning in!! Much love!



PS: My most listened to Episode was #4 the episode I talk about cord cutting. As far as stats the top 5 countries where I get my audience from is the US, Canada, UK, Australia and India. I actually have a little audience out of India that listens to my podcast and reads the blog. Shout outs to anyone on the other side of the World – I appreciate ya!


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