The Foster Mom’s Perspective: Remember My Story

Remember My Story is the anxiously-awaited sequel to last year’s heartrending short film, ReMoved, about a young girl’s tumultuous journey through foster care.

First, the original. If you haven’t seen it (or even if you have), ReMoved is definitely worth your time. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

I personally didn’t like the sequel nearly as much as the original. ReMoved is such a gut-wrenchingly accurate picture of foster care, I was very surprised to learn that the film makers had never fostered. In Remember My Story, however, the lack of actual familiarity with the system is more obvious.

The Foster Mom's Perspective: Remember My StoryThe biggest problem for me is that Part 2 is choppy and all over the place – it tries to cover too many angles and doesn’t adequately address any of them.

Is the film a critique on the vagaries of the system? Or maybe a commentary on the importance of sibling connections? Are we looking at a critique of birth parents, or maybe the over-medication of foster kids? Or is the sequel meant to illustrate and validate to the whole “children are resilient, so there’s no lasting damage from ripping their world apart” mindset?

I’m just not sure what the film makers are trying to accomplish with Part 2 – I can’t see that it’s meant to encourage people to foster, or to give an accurate picture of the system, or illustrate the trauma of children in care.

The trial scene and sudden removal of Zoe’s brother felt like Hollywood-style gratuitous trauma, included solely for dramatic effect. And while I appreciate that Zoe took her experience and used it to help other kids in care, even that feels overly simplified and romanticized – with all of her trauma trivialized so that the story could be wrapped up in a pretty little happy-ending-bow.

Don’t take my word for it. Judge for yourself and let me know what you think about Remember My Story.

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