Travel Bingo Laura Kelly Designs Printable

Road trips with kids can make parents a little nutty but with a little proper planning, a road trip can be a lot of fun for everyone. While I am not against electronics in the car, I try to make sure that we have lots of different activities. If the car ride is going to be more than a couple of hours, my husband and I make sure the kids pack a bag with toys, books, and other things that will entertain them.

Often, I will throw in a few fun surprises by hitting the interwebs to find some printables that I can put together in a folder. They include crossword puzzles, word searches, travel bingo and more. The travel bingo was always a disaster though! I would print off the cards and they would all be the same so the kids would win at the same time.

Laura Kelly Auto BingoEnter Laura Kelly printables. Laura Kelly’s shop has all these great printables that help you throw a party, make your own checkers game, and drumroll please…a make your own travel bingo card.

Laura Kelly Design Auto BingoThe Travel Bingo Printable can be purchased through Laura Kelly Designs shop. Once you have purchased and downloaded it, you can print it for use. Once you have printed your copy, have your kids spend a few minutes creating their own special bingo card by cutting out the things to look for and gluing them on the card. This will make sure that everybody’s card is different and everybody has a hand in creating it will make the kids excited to play.

Laura Kelly Auto BingoWe will be hitting the road soon. The trip is going to be a doozy! My mom and I are taking five cousins in the car for about 27 hours total. We will definitely need something to do! My kids created Bingo cards for all of the cousins and they are so excited to share. The best way to make the cards last the whole trip is to laminate them (either yourself or take them to an office supply store) so that they can be used over and over again.

You can find the Laura Kelly Auto Bingo card for $1.99 in her shop.

*Thanks to Laura for providing me with the file so that we can try out her printables. Check out this amazing 4th of July party created with her Patriotic Party Printables.

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