Helping an “Agent of STEAM” Achieve Her Dreams

Helping an “Agent of STEAM” Achieve Her Dreams


Helping an “Agent of STEAM” Achieve Her Dreams

The efforts of educational institutions assisting students in their academic

quests should not end when the last school bus leaves, or the last car pulls

away from the schools doors for summer break.

There should still be opportunities for learning, educational challenges to

keep the mind sharp, the integration of technology to enhance much needed

technology skills and even opportunities for collaboration in STEAM / STEM


The competitiveness of entering into higher educational institutions, starting

of career choices and even earning Internships and scholarships is shown to

boost the academic achievement levels of students.

Students like Taylor Richardson of #Jacksonville, #Florida have high altitude

dreams and aspirations of becoming one of the first astronaut to travel to Mars,

these dreams and aspirations are what drives dreams to become realities.

This nation was built on dreams of millions of men and women that wanted

to make a difference, not just for themselves, for their children and humanity.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants travel to this country to live their

dreams, to take advantage of the educational and technology resources.

After slavery Black developed similar dreams, they saw the same chances

through education.

The exploration of space is expanding, young people like Taylor are needed

and should be encouraged and supported to help maintain a strong

presence for the United States of America in the quest for further cosmic


As an educator it is encouraging to see students in elementary school

that are transitioning to middle school have such a strong passion and

long term goals. Having known Taylor for several years she possesses

a fire of excellence and a passion for learning that too many adults

do not have, and other kids that do not have similar passions hate on.

Black Superhero

Supporting Reader Theater Literacy

Program #ReadersTheater

Taylor’s involvement in the community of Jacksonville, Florida has

inspired students not just at her school, students in other

elementary schools and all socio-economic levels. Taylor has a wisdom

and understanding that even though at a young age and transitioning

from elementary to middle school she understands through the

teaching and guidance of her mother that she has a responsibility

to “give back” to her community. Taylor’s “compassion” has led her

to positively influence other children through her talks, her academic

achievements and her courage to not listen to those that carry the

burden of jealousy and hate, because they either don’t have the

courage Taylor has or their support system is not as supportive

as Taylor’s mother Latonja S Richardson, my mother had a similar

passion, love and drive supporting her three children. So I

understand the challenges and successes that Taylor and her

mother experience.

Mayor Brown with Taylor

Mayor Alvin Brown, first African American

Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida

When youth have this drive “it takes a village” has a new meaning

and the village has a responsibility to support, encourage and make

sure that its youth does succeed. Success shows other youth that

they can reach their dreams, they can achieve their desires in positive

ways that bring a new sense of purpose and power to achieve

and grow. Too many youth, teens and young adults feel that they

have no opportunities to help them grow out of their situations.

They need support, encouragement and love….

taylor 5

Taylor and her mother who is also actively

involved in the Jacksonville community.

Too many children do not have hope, do not think they can afford

to dream and even suffer from depression because they do not see

faces like theirs succeeding. Too many parents seem to have

given up on their children, but continue to hate on others that

work hard to achieve their goals. This must stop if we as a

community and nation can grow in the Black community.

Taylor reading to elementary students

Taylor is a typical young lady: she is involved in Girls on the Run,

Journey into Womanhood, Girl Scouts, Triathlete, Jacksonville

Youth Symphony violin player, Honor Roll student and volunteer.

She is a 2014 winner of Mayor Alvin Brown essay contest, selected

as a 2015 Jacksonville Achiever and member of her school’s

Principal Advisory Council at Chets Creek Elementary.

Taylor has stated, “I want to be a scientist and astronaut when I

grow up.  I also want to be the first African American female to go

to Mars.” Her goals are cosmic which in this nation, all our children

should be provided educational and economic opportunities.

Taylor also states that, “I would like to visit all the US Space Centers,

all 14 of them in the United States of America.”

Alton Yates and Taylor Richardson

Alton Yates one of the first African

American NASA Astronauts

“I’m hoping to be the first African American to visit all the centers by

my 12th birthday which is July 15, 2015!  I have been to the Kennedy

Space Center and attended last summer space camp in Huntsville, AL.

Which was the best experience ever! I have attended several STEM

events in Jacksonville at the University of North Florida, James Weldon

Johnson Middle school and most recently Expanding Your Horizon

Young Women excelling in Math and Sciences. I love space and the

unknown in our universe!”

Helping youth like Taylor should not be a question of “if,” it should

be a statement “All the time, whatever is necessary.” The United States

is in competition with growing global powers and is dependent on the

abilities and successes of students like Taylor. Our children are models

for others, Taylor’s model is Mae Jemison the first African American

female to go to space, what better way to extend academic excellence

and promote fields of STEAM/STEM/STREAM/CSTREAM and other

educational initiatives.

Educator, Blogger and Community Activist

William Jackson

The GoFundMe site to help Taylor is located at:

“My idol is Dr. Mae Jemison who was the first African American female to go

to space! I hope you will help me achieve my goal. The monies raised for this

trip from the East coast to the West coast will cover travel and lodging for me.

Thanks for your support!  Taylor aka #StarBright” #spacecenters #teamtaterboo,

Looking for sponsors for Taylor to help her dream of going to Cali, TX and

VA this summer!

U.S. space centers

pict 2

State Rep. Mia Jones, D-Jacksonville,

pict 4

Founder of Journey Into Womanhood/

Empowering Resources Elexia Coleman

pict 1

Mayor Alvin Brown and DCPS Supt N. Vitti

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