The Robot Onesie strikes… again

I leave my house at 530 AM (I try to at least) to get to work on time in the mornings. This means, getting Gray up and out the door in the mornings, falls 100% on my husband. I try to lay clothes out the night before. I try to make sure his backpack is packed and ready to go. I try to make sure all his bottles are in his little lunchbox so Tim can focus on just hanging out with the little guy, rather than having to juggle all of the other things that it takes to get him to daycare, with baby-in-tow.

We’ve been really blessed with the daycare we have. Gray’s teacher sends me pictures throughout the day, to show me milestones he’s accomplishing (I mean, to be clear.. milestones right now are “looking at himself in a mirror”, or “grasping at toys” but those are HUGE milestones for this first time mom!) I usually really, really look forward to the photos she sends. And then this happened….

When I got this photo- I literally had tears in my eyes! He wasn’t reaching just the day before! So thrilling! A little sad that I wasn’t able to see it in person, but I knew I’d be able to practice/see it at home that night. (which I did.. on repeat).

G with toy

And then… The VERY next day, I got this one: “G has a new girlfriend! True love!” This text was sent to both me, and the other mom.

G and friend

Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?

green onesie

something… look… familiar?

My husband, who is an artist, by the way.. decided two days in a row that a NEON GREEN onesie with a mustache-donning robot on it, was an acceptable choice.

When G and I got home from daycare that night, I casually said to Tim, “hey.. so, did.. G wear the same onesie to daycare two days in a row?”

He laughed and said “I am embarrassed to say, yes, I think he did. I couldn’t remember what he wore yesterday, and I really like that onesie, so it was worth the risk!!

Sure. What kid doesn’t love to go to school in the same outfit twice? And I’m sure the other moms at daycare didn’t notice it.. at all…. I guess it could have been worse… at least there were no…ahem…stains on it.

Certainly we aren’t the first parents to do this, right!? O.o

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