Forget Netflix: 3 streaming services for horror lovers

The dawn of horror streaming services is upon us, and it’s not going to be found on Netflix.

A variety of websites have been popping lately, challenging the aforementioned streaming services giant in regards to the theatrical realm of terror. This attack should come as no surprise; Netflix’s horror section is notoriously bad. Gems such as The Guest and Starry Eyes shine on the site’s list of movies, but even that doesn’t make up for the general lack of watchable horror.

If you’re not an enthusiastic lover of the genre, I would recommend to stay with the popular streaming service; there’s a thin surface to scratch, but its enough to satisfy the itch of a casual viewer. If you’re a horror lover like me, however, then these streaming additions have the ability to be heaven.

Here’s the top three you should keep your eye on:

1. Shudder

(photo courtesy of Shudder)

(photo courtesy of Shudder)

The most popular of these streaming services additions comes from the workers over at AMC. The site is still in a stage of infancy, as seen by the fact that the service is only available in the U.S., but it’s alluring nonetheless.

It follows the expected pattern of debuting movies every month, but it conquers Netflix by allowing members to have a say in what those movies are. To put in a request, one only needs to provide the name of the film and the director involved. If the member wishes to be informed if and when the movie is added, they can include their email in the request form.

This local library-esque way to manage the business shows a care for the customer that Netflix seems to lack sometimes. I wonder whether this form of conducting business will continue as the company settles its roots and moves past the beta stage.

For a service that’s still in its beginnings, it’s surprising to see that its digital library is so vast and full of movies worth watching.

There’s some big name classics (Carnival of Souls, An American Werewolf in London) placed against more recent releases (Kill List, I Saw the Devil), combining itself into a succulent, bloody feast. There’s some bad movies, of course (please don’t watch Exorcismus), but that’s to be expected.

It costs $4.99 a month, but it’s only $49.99 if you pay for the year all at once. If you’re not sure whether you want to commit or not, a two-week trial is available.

2. Screambox

(photo courtesy of Screambox)

(photo courtesy of Screambox)

Screambox has been around for a year now, and, like Shudder, is in its beta stage. Despite that there’s no big name company backing this project, it has done well for itself, having gained a bit of a following on social media.

New movies are added every week, but the types of movies that are added tend to be for a more niche audience. Even the about me page for the site talks about their less-than-commercial collection, mentioning that those involved want to avoid putting up mostly old school horror that everyone knows about.

What’s found instead is a lot of foreign movies originating from Europe and Asia as well as some lesser known American releases.

There’s some downfalls here. With such a limited budget, I don’t see this site having an overly impressive stockpile any time soon. Even now, the shelves look a little bare. If any of the services on this list is to fail, it’d be Screambox. No matter how good your product is, you usually need something well known to draw people in, and Hellraiser along with a few Elvira titles isn’t going to do it.

This site is more for the horror fan that has already seen the majority of the genre and now wishes to explore a much more obscure path.

A monthly subscription is available for $3.99. For those looking to try out the service, there’s a 30-day trial period. It’s currently not available in the app store.

3. SundanceNow

(photo courtesy of SundanceNow)

(photo courtesy of SundanceNow)

I know, I know. SundanceNow isn’t exclusively a horror streaming service  it offers many genres to choose from  but it has such an impressive horror section that I had to add it to the list.

All the movies listed on the site are independent releases. Other than with exceptions like The Babadook, this makes it harder to find the movies available here on other streaming sites. That’s the allure of it all and the only upside.

Unless you’re rolling in the deep end of a pool full of money, SundanceNow isn’t the most economical option to get your horror fix. At first, it’s easy to believe that these movies are offered for free because registration costs nothing, but that’d be too good to be true. Once it comes to actually watching something, you have to pay for the movie individually, with most of them being close to $5 to stream or download.

It’s a little treat you can offer yourself every once in a while and is also a means of keeping up with the indie horror releases that gather buzz on the web.


Walls of Pho Hoa – Permission Graffiti Walls Curator Ed Seymour II

What’s your name and job title for the share walls project?

My name is Ed Seymour II and I curate the walls at Pho Hoa of Orlando (website). This project was originally designed as a legal paint spot for my crew and friends of mine who paint graffiti as well as large scale art murals. Graffiti was aways meant to be illegal and the artists who paint the restaurant are celebrating the legal aspect of graffiti and public art. After the walls started to fill up, local news media outlets started covering the blank walls we were covering. Once word got around town that there was a new ‘legal’ wall in town, almost all of the walls had been covered.

Why is a project like Pho Walls important to a city?

In my opinion, cities that embrace graffiti and street art are more culturally diverse. A few years ago this city was fine without art murals and larger groups of expressionists. We would still do the things necessary to live and survive even without the arts. Personally, I much rather live and survive in a world of color created by local artists in a progressive city like Orlando, Florida. Don’t you?

An incident happened recently at the walls. What happened?

Part of graffiti and street art is understanding that not everyone likes to follow or respect the rules. At Pho Hoa we have 1 rule and a set of guidelines for artists who wish to contribute. Ask permission first and abide by our code of conduct (no nudity, violence, drug references, etc). This is how we let the City of Orlando know that we do regulate our murals and no trespassing is allowed after hours.

Recently an artist who just moved to town painted without permission.
When that happens, I will touch base with that artist if possible, remind them of our one rule and most of the time that wall will stay up and everyone walks away with an understanding. Just about every artist who has painted Pho Hoa in the past year who asked to paint will paint and the majority have approached our project with positivity and respect.
Sometimes situations arise and there needs to be a disconnect with that artist.

You’re considering shuttering the share walls at Pho Hoa. What happened?

I’ve always considered what it would be like to stop the project completely or if life got in the way who would I pass the reins to. Sometimes being a curator puts you in delicate situations where feelings can get hurt and reputations can be destroyed all because of one disagreement between myself and the artist.

I’m representing a family owned restaurant that trusts me to be professional and unbiased which can be very difficult.
In the past few years I’ve learned to keep my temper under control as well as putting myself in the other person’s shoes. Most times, the project pushes me to go and do bigger and better things with the artists who have teamed up with us like the Creative City Project, Artlando and The Mystery Meat car show.
Then there are those trying times when certain shady individuals either vandalize our property (neighbors property) or take to the internet to ‘express themselves’. Words hurt no matter how tough of an artist you might be everyone has feelings. I’ve been through enough to know that one person will never keep me from succeeding and for every time I think about closing the walls there are hundreds of other times I think about how I can make them bigger and better.

What would you put in its place?

At the end of the day I do not own the building or restaurant and if I left the project i’m almost certain that the owner and my very good friend Christopher Le would continue to work with artists. I’d like to think I taught him just a little bit about our art scene and just like he has trusted me to keep this project organized that I could trust him to keep it up without me. Nothing lasts forever except memories and legacies.

Quinnipiac poll of FL,OH,PA: fortunes of Walker and Clinton sink as Biden’s rise

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Scott Walker flip flops on birthright citizenship. Blames tiredness.

"Scott Walker said he accidentally took a position on [citizenship] because he was 'tired'" — Billmon (@billmon1) August 21, 2015 At the Iowa state fair, Walker was for elimination of birthright citizenship. By Friday he had “no position” on it. “I’m not taking a position one way or the other,” Walker said in an more »

Scott Walker flip flops on birthright citizenship. Blames tiredness.

"Scott Walker said he accidentally took a position on [citizenship] because he was 'tired'" — Billmon (@billmon1) August 21, 2015 At the Iowa state fair, Walker was for elimination of birthright citizenship. By Friday he had “no position” on it. “I’m not taking a position one way or the other,” Walker said in an more »

Marquette U. Poll of Wisconsinites: 39% approve of job Walker is doing as Guv, 57% disapprove

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The 26th annual Orlando’s Taste of the Nation® (Info) was Saturday, August 8, 2015 6:45 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. at Orlando World Center Marriott (8701 World Center Dr., Orlando).

44 restaurants showcased tasting portions of signature dishes, accompanied by fine wines, craft beers and specialty cocktails.

View the 44 participating restaurants


  1. Taste of the Nation 2015: Lineage Coffee featured by Highball and Harvest
  2. Taste of the Nation 2015: 9 Treats
  3. Taste of the Nation 2015: 7 Treats
  4. Taste of the Nation 2015: 23 Chefs and Servers

Full disclosure: The Daily City was given two free tickets to this event.

1. Beef & Tater Waffle Cone
2. Savory Cotton Candy
3. Spicy cotton candy
4. Homemade Dum Dum lollipops
5. Zeppole cone
6. Peanut Butter & Jelly Hummus
7. Noodle bowl